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Features & Benefits

  • Thousands of professionally published sermons, illustrations, children's sermons, worship aids, archaeological articles, PowerPoint slides, and dramas by over a hundred different professional writers.Contributors to eSermons are the most recognized names in preaching including:
    1. Leonard Sweet
    2. James W. Moore
    3. King Duncan
    4. Brett C. Blair
    5. Thomas G. Long
    6. J. Ellsworth Kalas
    7. Mark Trotter
    8. Bill Bouknight
    9. Barbara Brokhoff
    10. Our Staff
    11. CSS Publishing Resources
    12. Hundreds of Other Authors
  • Virtually every thing you need in your weekly preparations can be harnessed from including:
    1. Sermons
    2. Sermon Illustrations
    3. Eulogies
    4. PowerPoint Sermons
    5. Biblical Archaeology
    6. Children's Sermons
    7. Children's Bulletins
    8. Lectionary Aids
    9. Bulletin Aids
    10. Dramas
  • The ability to search these items by scripture, keyword, and lectionary cycle. Our search engine accommodates all Christian traditions and our authors are from all Christian denominations.
  • An ever-growing database of sermons and resources written by the finest preachers in the world.
  • Weekly subscription to Illustrations By Email. A convenient Newsletter that is delivered to your email address every week to help you prepare your sermon and Sunday services.

Annual Membership Prices

Level 1- $69.95 Includes Sermons, Illustrations, Eulogies
Level 2-
$79.95 Includes the above plus Children's Sermons
Level 3-
$89.95 Includes the above plus Worship Aids, Bulletin Aids.
Level 4-
$99.95 Includes the above plus Dramas

Additional: Biblical Archaeology Articles, PowerPoint Slides, and Children's Bulletins can also be added to your membership on the signup page.

Note: You do not have to purchase the items above in the order listed. You can create the package which best suits your needs. Click the button below to sign upand get immediate access, or call: 1-800-777-7731

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