Leonard Sweet Joins! announces Rev. Sweet as Chief Writer. Rev. Sweet, formally chief writer for Homiletics Magazine and Preaching Plus. Now with Dr. Sweet will be doing something he has never done before with any other sermon prep service. He will not be writing three months in advance. He will be writing in the now. This will provide sermon resources, insights, and commentary that are as current, relevant, and "ripped from the headlines" as possible. Leonard Sweet is one of the most prominent writers of our generation and his insights into Scripture and its relationship to current events adds credibility and spontaneity to the sermon writing process.

A New Look for

Due to all of the exciting new content, is re-designed! The new design will better serve clergy as they prepare for worship each week.

Hundreds of New Sermons for Year A

A new season of resources added from CSS Publishing further enhancing the content choices for our users. Authors of this new material include Thomas A. Pilgrim, John T. Ball, David Busic, Elizabeth Achtemeier, and Susan R. Andrews, and several other talented writers who bring a variety of perspectives to the Scriptures.

New Advent Series for 2007 (October 2007)

We are pleased to announce six new Advent Sermon Series. Our constantly growing library of resources is enhanced by these additions. An Email Solution for the Church Office (October 2007) is a free email service for the church office. In the tradition of Hotmail and Yahoo mail, creates truly memorable email addresses for church staff. Churches and their staff are invited to signup at

The Biblical Archaeology Society partners with (Sept 2007)

The complete archives of the Biblical Archaeology Society's premier publication, Biblical Archaeology Review, over 33 years of archaeological insights from the greatest scholars of our time, are available along side the sermon preparation tools. The goal in adding these resources is to help the pastor validate interpretation in the most credible way possible, through the historical findings unearthed in the Holy Land.

Maxie Dunnam Joins (January 2007)

Maxie Dunnam joins the team. In addition to the contribution of his sermons Dr. Dunnam begins increasing the resources and content to In conjunction with arrival is launched. Partners with Richard Fairchild (March 2007) acquires Sermons and Sermons Lectionary Resources. Rev. Fairchild due to retirement elected to sell his ground breaking site and indexing service, and chose to be the caretakers of his 12 year old project. Grows Forty Percent (2006)

The membership of grows an incredible 40% making it the fastest growing sermon prep tool in the world. Acquires (Fall 2005)

The acquisition of brings new clergy members to Acquires (April 2005)

The 25 year library of Dynamic Preaching by King Duncan is acquired adding vast resources to our own library further expands the resources offered to clergy. Celebrates Its 5th Anniversary (March 2005)

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last five years as we have grown and developed. Our mission is to provide quality resources for clergy as they prepare each week. We appreciate your support!

Launch of (Fall 2002)

The library of dramas and skits is launched as its own site due to the desires of many non clergy to have access to the dramatic resources.

Launch of (Summer 2000)

The children's content is launched as its own site due to the desires of many non clergy to have access to the children's sermons resources.

Launch of (Summer 2001)

Free Web based email for clergy is established. Clergy are invited to signup at is Launched (Spring 2000)

Day one: Hundreds of people join eSermons making it the fastest growing sermon prep tool in either print or internet.

Sermon Illustrations Newsletter (Spring 1998)

The emailed newsletter that started it all begins delivery. And since then the newsletter has been emailed out every week without fail for 10 years. With the advent of the Internet, the newsletter in the early 2000s, grows by over 800 clergy a week. is Launched (Winter 1998)

The website that started it all is established. With a generous gift from we are able to launch as a full content website with an A to Z listing of stories and illustrations for clergy. presents Leonard Sweet