Memorial Day Powerpoints

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BREAKING BARRIERS & SHATTERING MOLDS WITH NEW POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS is breaking barriers and shattering traditional molds with its new creative Sermon Presentations. For over a decade ministers of every capacity have been forced to settle with ordinary and somewhat ‘bland’ sermon presentation templates. Not anymore!  Our ground-breaking Sermon Presentations are the journalistic quality, high resolution, and solid theological visual addition to your worship services.

If you prepare PowerPoint Slides each week then you have struggled on more than one occasion with interpreting the scriptures through a graphic medium. Now your struggle is over. Our philosophy and goal is to “Jump-Start” your sermon prep by providing a compelling "Title Slide" that is creatively packaged with high-quality imagery and stylistic font layouts. We give you the freedom to add whatever material you want into "Content Slides." Each Presentation contains one Title Slide and 3 matching Content Slides. You can duplicate the Content Slides as many times as you want, displaying all of your sermon content, scripture verses, sermon outlines, graphics, photos, lyrics, and video. Because of the professional quality of our PowerPoint Presentations, the freedom to craft your sermon is yours!

Eye-Catching Title Slide
3 Matching Content Slides

Our eye-catching Sermon Presentations can improve and enhance your sermons, weekly bible studies, and worship prep team. There is no substitute for seeing the message. Your congregation hears your sermon every week, but with the addition of our new Sermon Presentations, they have the opportunity to visualize it in a new light. Our Sermon Presentations are "pre-made" templates that are fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint. They are user-friendly and only require you to insert your sermon content. It's that easy!

Our Sermon Presentations are built for and compatible with © Microsoft PowerPoint 95-00 and XP. presents Leonard Sweet